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The Fantasy Art of The Bard's Tale - The Houton Cairn Bugbear

The Fantasy Art of The Bard's Tale

The Bard's Tale is a fantasy computer role-playing game where the protagonist is a bard -- a type of adventurer-minstrel -- with a quintessential "rogue" stereotype and set in a Gaelic world. The game art is period and geographically appropriate, and characters are a mix of realistic and caricatured. The monsters are quite non-standard (no orcs and goblins, for a change) though not with art so outlandish as to make them look alien. This Bard's Tale fantasy game art gallery has the cutscene that immediately follows defeating the Houton Cairn Bugbear. The encounter is heavily scripted and very dangerous as an early quest for the Bard. Throughout the cairn, there are painful traps as well as tombs from which the Bugbear will roll out, take a few swipes at the Bard, then flee, all scripted so that the Bard cannot fight back until the final staged encounter. There, the Bugbear uses a type of grenade to daze the Bard, then runs to activate all the traps in the chamber once before running back to fight the Bard again. He can be quite easily defeated by having a conjured creature distract him and shooting him with a bow. The Bugbear will grenade the nearest foe, so if it happens to be the Bard's conjuration and the bard is outside the effective blast radius, then the Bard can continue to shoot and harm the Bugbear when it runs for one of the levers that activate the many traps.

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