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The Fantasy Art of Titan Quest and the Immortal Throne Expansion - Hero Portraits

Titan Quest is a real-time combat-focussed fantasy computer role-playing game set in beautifully illustrated mythological versions of Greece, Egypt, Babylon, China and (in the Immortal Throne expansion) the Underworld/Hades of Greek mythology. The fantasy game artwork was praised as being of extremely high quality. This Titan Quest fantasy game art page indexes the extensive collection of hero portraits in various sets of fantasy arms and armour available in Titan Quest.

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The Art of Titan Quest

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Set #What the Character is Wearing / Wielding. (Links on this side mostly go to Wikipedia)
1Adept's Regalia (Adept's Diadem, Adept's Mantle, Adept's Clasp, Adept's Leggings), Elafros
2Atreidae (Agamemnon's Crest, Aegis of Atreus, Menalaus' Grip), Patroclus' Shortblade, Aegis of Laconia
3 mixed Armor of the Immortal Guard / Babylonian Raiment sets (Apple Bearer's Cap, Apple Bearer's Mail, Apple Bearer's Bracers, Apple Bearer's Greaves, Apple Bearer's Spear, Babylonian Shield)
The identical pieces shared by these two sets is understandable as "Apple Bearer" is a term sometimes used for the elite Persian Immortals described by Herodotus (7,41) to have golden apples for counterweights on their spears.
4Call of the Wild (Call of the Wild, Resilience of the Wild, Strength of the Wild, Speed of the Wild), Nomad's Hunting Bow
5Raiment of the Storm (Circlet of Storms, Robe of Storms, Bracelets of Storms, Rod of Storms), SeerWraps
6Necromancer's Habiliment (Crown of the Dead, Necromancer's Robe, Deathcuffs, Necromancer's Leggings, Necromancer's Staff)
7Vestments of Erebus (Crown of Erebus, Robes of Erebus, Armlets of Erebus, Wraps of Erebus, Scepter of Erebus)
8Diomedes' Armor (Diomedes' War Helm, Diomedes' Breastplate, Diomedes' Buskin), Spartan's Wit, Volatile Shield
9Dreamweaver's Regalia (Dreamweaver's Crown, Dreamweaver's Vestment, Dreamweaver's Coil, Dreamweaver's Leggings, Dreamweaver's Rod)
10Habiliments of the Druid (Druid's Wreath, Druid's Vestment, Druid's Bracelet, Druid's Staff), Jungleroot Greaves
11Legend of Fu Xi (Fu Xi's Skullplate, Fu Xi's Armored Chest, Fu Xi's Shackle, Fu Xi's Bindings, Fu Xi's Tail), Wall of the Damned
12The Harbinger (Harbinger's Helm, Harbinger's Breastplate, Harbinger's Bracer, Harbinger's Greaves, Prophecy), Doom Herald
13Firewalker's Suit (Helm of the Firewalker, Breastplate of the Firewalker, Bracers of the Firewalker, Greaves of the Firewalker), Glowing Rod
14 The Sphinx (Helm of the Sphinx, Breastplate of the Sphinx, Bracers of the Sphinx, Greaves of the Sphinx, Scepter of the Sphinx), Thutmose's Buckler
+ same set but with "Megalos" axes instead of the Scepter of the Sphinx
15Tempest (Helm of the Tempest, Armor of the Tempest, Bracers of the Tempest, Greaves of the Tempest, Surge of the Tempest), Frozen Buckler
16Hunter's Armor (Hunter's Helm, Hunter's Armor, Hunter's Armguard, Hunter's Greaves), Serpent Whisper
17Imperial Raiment (Imperial Helm, Imperial Armor, Imperial Bracers, Imperial Greaves, Yin, Yang)
18Pride of the Jade Palace (Jade Crested Helm, Jade Breastplate, Jade Bracers, Jade Greaves, Jade Bow)
19Labyrinthine Warsuit (Labyrinthine Helmet, Labyrinthine Cuirass, Labyrinthine Bracers, Labyrinthine Greaves, Labyrinthine Shield), Raging Bull
20Lazarus Armor (Lazarus Helm, Lazarus Platemail, Lazarus Bracers, Lazarus Plate Greaves), Fellblade, Soul Feast
21Safeguard of the Mantis (Mantis Helm, Mantis Plate, Mantis Stride), Bow of the Lampades
22Memnon's Raiment (Memnon's Guard, Memnon's Aegis, Memnon's Signet (not visible), Memnon's Trust), Purifying Truesilver Bracelet, Athena's Battle Greaves, Flowing Shield of the Euphrates
23Obsidian Armor (Obsidian Helm, Obsidian Breastplate, Obsidian Bracers, Obsidian Greaves, Obsidian Crescent)
24Oracle's Garments (Oracle's Wreath, Oracle's Vestment, Oracle's Winding, Oracle's Leggings), Qa'a
25The Ordu (Ordu Arm-Guard, Ordu Thumb Ring (not visible), Ordu Composite Bow), Lo Ren Cuirass
26Pyromancer's Guard (Pyromancer's Circlet, Pyromancer's Bracelet, Pyromancer's Robe), Legguards of the Flameborn, Chromatic Staff
27Ramses' Royal Armor (Ramses' Headdress, Ramses' Coat, Ramses' Coil, Ramses' Greaves, Ramses' Scepter), Shield of Apsis the Bull
28Rogue's Cover (Rogue's Headband, Rogue's Harness, Rogue's Bracers, Rogue's Greaves), Silent Flight
29Shadow Guard (Shadow Veil, Shadow's Guard, Shadow's Touch, Shadow's Flight, Shadowbane, Shadow Wall)
30Panoply of the Moirae (Shroud of Shadows, Breastplate of Morte, Death Touch, Shade Stalkers, Soul Spike, Shield of Anguish)
31Gebel Tjauti (Shroud of the Night, Garb of the Scorpion King, Chaosbane, Silent Runners), Nagblade
32Theban Panoply (Theban Crested Helmet, Theban Cuirass, Theban Bracers, Theban Greaves, Theban Shield), Peleus' Ashen Spear
33Armor of Troy (Trojan Helm, Trojan Cuirass, Bracers of Troy, Greaves of Troy), Hector's Spear, Captain's Shield
34Warden's Charge (Warden's Helm, Warden's Breastplate, Warden's Armguard, Warden's Greaves, Warden's Wrath, Warden's Faith)
35Warrior's Panoply (Warrior's Brain-cage, Warrior's Plate, Warrior's Bracers, Warrior's Buskin), Ares' Wrath, Ebon Greatshield
36Abyssal Armor (Abyssal Plate, Abyssal Bracers, Abyssal Greaves, Abyssal Shield), Hand of Hephaestus
37Alexander's Panoply (Alexander's Plumed Helm, Alexander's Cuirass, Alexander's Bracer, Alexander's Greaves, Alexander's Spear, Alexander's Pelta)
38Archmage's Regalia (Archmage's Diadem, Archmage's Mantle, Archmage's Clasp, Archmage's Leggings), Siphon
39Assassin's Cover (Assassin's Shroud, Assassin's Harness, Assassin's Bracers, Assassin's Greaves), Traitor's Shiv, Stymphalian Talon
40Vestments of the Battlemage (Battlemage Circlet, Battlemage Robe, Battlemage Bracers, Battlemage Greaves), Ochetos Staff
41Bone Armor (Bone Helm, Bone Breastplate, Bone Bracers, Bone Greaves), Kinslay
42Conqueror's Panoply (Conqueror's Brain-Cage, Conqueror's Plate, Conqueror's Bracers, Conqueror's Buskin), Orion's Mace
43Crystalline Array (Crystalline Helm, Crystalline Armor, Crystalline Bracers, Crystalline Greaves, Rimescythe)
44Eternal Ward of Tartarus (Dark Justice of Tartarus, Black Cage of Tartarus, Inexorable Grip of Tartarus, Unyielding Shackles of Tartarus), Icefire Spike, Hephaestus' Molten Shield
45Raiment of Carnus (Gaze of Carnus, Wings of Carnus, Grip of Carnus, Pillars of Carnus, Scepter of Carnus)
46Nemean Lion Hide (Helm of the Nemean Lion, Pelt of the Nemean Lion, Bracers of the Nemean Lion, Greaves of the Nemean Lion), Folg, Leatherskin Shield
47Huo Qubing's Relics (Huo Qubing's Helm, Huo Qubing's Cuirass, Huo Qubing's Armguards, Huo Qubing's Greaves, Huo Qubing's Ceremonial Blade)
48Armament of the Fiery Legion (Legionnaire's Visor, Legionnaire's Breastplate, Legionnaire's Gauntlets, Legionnaire's Buskin, Fist of the Fiery Legion, Shield of the Fiery Legion)
49Armament of Poseidon (Poseidon's Helm, Poseidon's Cuirass, Poseidon's Greaves, The Earth-Shaker), Kraken's Fist
50Plouton's Vestments (Plouton's Crown, Plouton's Cornucopia, Plouton's Bracelet, Plouton's Wraps, Polydegmon (amulet - not visible)), Heka Staff
51Tracker's Armor (Tracker's Hood, Tracker's Armor, Tracker's Gloves, Tracker's Leg Guard), Apollo's Curved Bow
52Horns of Vorenus, Armor of the Tireless Soldier, Gauntlets of Implacable Will, Dienekes' Iron Boots, Khthonian Spike, Khthonian Razor
53Psionic Projector, Darkseer, Bracelet of Prophecy, Seerwraps, Sakur-Aba
54Templar's Brain-Cage, Templar's Zeal, Gloves of the Crimson Guard, Royal Cavalryman's Boots, Achilles' Spear, Achilles' Shield
55Tiresias' Guide, Cestus, Theurgist's Ward, Chthonic Legwraps, Lei Kun's Gnarled Staff
56Iron Corinthian Great Helm, Copper Ornamented Suit, Copper Ornamented Armbands, Copper Ornamented Leggings, Iron Hasta, Oak Reinforced Buckler
57Sentinel's Helm, Warlord's Coat, Sentinel's Armbands, Qin Warbow
58 Gigantes Mask, Gigantes Breastplate, Gigantes Gauntlets, Gigantes Legplates, Sickle of Kronos, Vengeance
female model wears Alcynoneus' items (recolored Gigantes)
59Copper Garland, Silk Simple Mantle, Copper Bangle, Silk Simple Wraps, Oak Stout Staff
60Raiment of the Baker Street Sage (Deerstalker Hat, Detective's Greatcoat, Detective's Gloves, Detective's Spats, Bludgeon of True Sight)
61Santa's Garb (Santa's Hat, Santa's Winter Coat, Santa's Gloves, Santa's Boots, Santa's Cane, Santa's Peppermint)
62Shinobi Shozoku (Sanjaku-Tenugui, Uwagi, Kurokote, Jika-Tabi, Katana, Sai)
63Buccaneer's Garb (Tricorne Hat, Blackbeard's Coat, Blackbeard's Booties)
64Deathweaver's Helmet, Deathweaver's Chitin, Deathweaver's Armplates, Deathweaver's Shield, Deathweaver's Legtip
65 Revenant Crown, Revenant Plate, Revenant Gauntlets, Revenant Greaves, Staff of Kheprer
+ Egyptian-motif character skins
66Bronze Phrygian Great Helm, Bronze Plated Suit, Bronze Plated Armbands, Bronze Plated Greaves, Bronze Hatchet, Bronze Ring Mace
67 Alala, Homados, Palioxis, Proioxis, Phonoi, Aionios
+ nude grey female skin
68Myrmidon's Skullplate, Myrmidon's Chitin, Myrmidon's Legplate, Myrmidon's Sting
69Bandari's Helm, Bandari's Corselet, Accursed Bracers, Bandari's Greaves, Silence, Enkidu's Stand
70 The Night Mistress' Crown, The Night Mistress' Corselet, The Night Mistress' Bracelet, The Night Mistress' Leggings, The Night Mistress' Clutch
+ black bodysuit female skin + nude female skin with black eyeband + nude female skin with Egyptian motif (OoALEJOoO's Purgatory Cleavenger1)
71 Shaman's Headdress, Shaman's Adornment, Shaman's Leggings, Staff of the Magi
+ "cursed warrior" grey nude male skin + nude female skin + tattooed nude female skin (Dodd's Tribal)
72 Marauder's Helm, Marauder's Girdle, Marauder's Armguard, Marauder's Greaves, Marauder's Bone Axe
+ hairy man skin + bikini and tattooed female skin + tattooed nude female skin (Dodd's Tribal)
73Coronal of the Abyss, Cloak of Zoroaster, Heartsong Armlets, Leggings of the Defiled, The Furies, Shield of the Korybantes
74Crown of the Liche King, Ethereal Cage, Ethereal Clasp, Ethereal Leggings, Scepter of the Liche King
75Ismene's Helm, Ismene's Cuirass, Ismene's Bracers, Hespera's Greaves, Plague Feast
76Bloodborn Visor, Bloodborn Girdle, Bloodborn Armbands, Bloodborn Leggings, Astrapi
77Shroud of Ker, Vestment of Ker, Coil of Ker, Leggins of Ker, Ker's Fetish
78Ch'kra's Crown, Ch'kra's Vestment, Bone Bracelet, Ch'kra's Leggings, Headhunter's Axe, Scale of the Black Dragon
79Nightmare, Qi Bai's Robe, Conqueror's Bracers, Conqueror's Buskin, Praxidikae
80Crest of Hypnos, Glykon Acolyte's Robe, Senbi's Clasp, Murk Crawlers, Scepter of Thanatos, Zeno's Third Paradox
81Wizard Hat, Occultist's Raiment, Bronze Armlet, Silk Jeweled Wraps, Oak Runed Staff
82Leather Great Helm, Leather Suit, Leather Armbands, Leather Leggings, Copper Short Sword, Pine Crude Buckler
83Bronze Reinforced Helm, Reinforced Suit, Leather Bracers, Reinforced Greaves, Copper Cleaver, Copper Ball Mace
84Leather Helm, Leather Harness, Leather Armbands, Leather Greaves, Pine Straight Bow
85Bronze Wreath, Linen Brocade Mantle, Bronze Wristlet, Linen Brocade Wraps, Ash Arcane Staff
86Turanite Veil, Mooncloth Gossamer Raiment, Turanite Wristlet, Mooncloth Gossamer Wraps, Willow Stygian Staff
87Ereban Azurite Helm, Splint Azurite Suit, Stygian Azurite Shield, Splint Azurite Bracers, Splint Azurite Greaves, Azurite Xyston

We used video card settings to force better anti-aliasing than the game normally allows for the smoothest possible result.

But anti-aliasing cannot increase the number of polygons involved in a character. The characters have a somewhat blocky look (especially in the arms and legs) due to a lower number of polygons for various curves in the human body. This was probably to match the processing limitations of gaming computers of its time. In-game, these are very hard to notice because of the level of zoom and the constant motion. Combined with the beautiful geography and attention to detail, the game looked almost impossibly beautiful for the hardware requirements.

Immortal Throne introduced "Advanced Effects", which was mostly noticeable in the calculation of light reflections. Although in general this enhanced the visual experience, in some cases it was quite overpowering and for some ensembles we have included a set of portraits with this turned off.

Although we show more sets here than most individual games have, there are still easily a hundred different pieces of armor, weapons, and shields that are not simply re-coloured versions of each other. We have only selected assorted mixes that visually go together (although we have also tried to keep those Sets together -- those combinations defined in-game as belonging together and providing a special benefit for wearing/carrying them all at the same time).

Each gallery includes male and female models, and the same weapon / armor / shield ensemble from different angles. Static pictures cannot fully capture the in-game experience, however, as several pieces have animations and night-time glow (such as the set below).

A few galleries have incorporated a few character skins from the AllSkins mod (included in the Titan Quest Unofficial patch). In general, this was done for those outfits that were very skimpy and therefore could show off the naked character beneath. In normal Titan Quest, characters wear a simple tunic, and for the most part this complements the armours that are available. Items worn by creatures do not generally take this into account and often look better on a naked or recoloured character.

In some few cases, the character is using an "impossible" combination in-game. We have put together the outfits based on what might go together well instead of what is theoretically possible to play in-game. For example, although using two hand-to-hand weapons is allowed, it is not possible to use a spear and another hand-to-hand weapon at the same time, due to spears requiring a different type of animation. It is, however, possible to forcibly equip a character this way with the community-created utility TQ Vault.

TQIT-055-night in-game 03

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