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The Fantasy Art of Tradewinds Legends and Unlikely Heroes

Tradewinds Legends is a trading game and fantasy role-playing game set in a mythical world of magical happenings being commonplace, magical trinkets for sale in every port, and genies everywhere. The fantasy game art is cartoony, colourful, and captures the "Arabian Nights" and mythical Far East stereotypes very well. Facial expressions for all characters also greatly enhances storytelling in lieu of actual animation. This Tradewinds Legends fantasy game art page has character portraits and biographies. The playable charcters with custom art and stories are Rihana Sayar, Hasan Tazere, Nandi Patel, Tiger Bai, Ardru (Haroun) and the Smith, and the genie Ivory. A player can also choose a character with a randomly generated portrait.

Random Character Portrait Generator
Ports of Call
Items and Goods

Overview of the Fantasy Art of the Tradewinds Games

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Tradewinds Legends

Get carried away in Tradewinds Legends! Sail, trade and battle with legendary heroes such as Sinbad in the mythical Far East. Enter a world of danger and intrigue as you complete over 100 unique tasks. Build a flotilla of ships armed with weaponry, both man-made and magic. Sail into the sky to discover new ports and engage in aerial combat with other magical sky ships. Encounter a world of legend, play Tradewinds Legends today!

  • Over 100 tasks to choose from
  • Play as one of 5 unique characters, or build your own from scratch
  • Hundreds of special items to customize your gameplay

Tradewinds Legends: Unlikely Heroes

Ardru and Smith, along with Ivory, headline this high seas adventure! Embark on two hilariously challenging storylines as you battle and trade your way to unimaginable wealth in Tradewinds Legends: Unlikely Heroes, the Expansion Pack to the hit title, Tradewinds Legends.

  • Hilarious new storyline featuring Ardru and Smith
  • Play as Ivory, previously a Sandlot Games and Yahoo exclusive character
  • Build your fleet with 7 unique ships, weapons and magical attacks
  • All new goods to trade between 10 beautiful ports

Tradewinds Legends: Unlikely Heroes is a standalone game, and you get to play only two character stories (Ardru and the Smith, and Ivory). There is no freestyle play and no random character generator.

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