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The Fantasy Art of Tradewinds Odyssey

Random Character Generator
Character Stories
Player Feats / Achievements
Assorted Scenes

Items and Goods
Ports and Port Facilities
Combat - Ships and Blessings

Overview of the Fantasy Art of the Tradewinds Games

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Tradewinds Odyssey takes you on an adventurous journey across ancient Greece, where gods, heroes and monsters of legend await! Guide five unique heroes - the Athlete, the Cynic, the Priestess, the Minotaur and the Goddess - as you embark on over 50 chapters and quests, encountering characters both strange and familiar.

Take part in trading like never before by creating and spreading goods to new lands as you build, strengthen and upgrade your fleet into a powerful force unrivaled in the Aegean! Cast powerful spells bestowed upon you by the gods, or use your unique Hero's Talent to demolish your opponent in battle.

Your adventure begins today... in Tradewinds Odyssey!

  • Play as 5 unique characters, each with an original storyline
  • Create and customize your own character
  • Spread, create and trade over a dozen exotic goods
  • New ramming feature available in sea battle
  • Achieve great feats and build your rank

For randomly generated fantasy character portraits in Tradewinds Odyssey, go to the Random Character Generator page.

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