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The Fantasy Art of Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold

Adventure runs in the family! Join Nelly and Tommy in their quest to retrieve their pirate grandmother's hidden treasure! Test your skills with challenging puzzles that will take you from strange laboratories to the dangerous depths of the ocean. Play at your own pace with no timers or penalties, just hours of brain-tickling Hidden Object fun. Set sail with Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold today!

The game has a nice interface, but the hidden object scenes are often not intuitive and for no good reason. For example, in one underwater scene with an obvious closed chest in front of you, the initial sets of hidden objects to find are not related to opening the chest, but rather to a mask and a pillar in the background with a seaweed on top. And of the items to find related to the pillar are a crossbow, a harpoon gun, and a shovel.

Nelly asks her brother (in an early scene where they are in a cluttered barn) what they are looking for. Her brother replies that he doesn't know either -- and that is exactly how the player feels as well. Fortunately, the later Treasure Seeker games are much more story and task focussed, and without losing any difficulty in the hidden object component while making the tasks feel much more worthwhile.

Overview of the fantasy art of the Treasure Seekers games

Compared to the next two games in the series, Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold starts out boringly mundane, with no fantasy elements unless you consider premise of pirate treasure to be fantastic instead of plain implausible. However, very suddenly it takes on a fantastical turn, with hidden labs, undersea treasure gardens, and magical puzzle-locks. These later scenes, and the beautiful fantasy artwork, are definitely worth waiting for.

We have therefore divided our collection of scene and location screenshots into two parts: The first for the "non-magical" part of the game, and the second for the more fantastic scenes. Watch out for spoilers!

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