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The Fantasy Art of the World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder

The World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder is a time-management game set in a fantasy world where the player must manage resources and erect buildings. The fairy-tale fantasy art in this game is colourful, cartoony, and the buildings not too outlandish. This World of Zellians fantasy game art page has basic information about the game and a slideshow of assorted scenes.





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The World of Zellians has been slowly deteriorating as royal feuds divide the kingdom and bring production and building to a standstill. ItÂ’s up to you to unite the kingdom and rebuild the troubled World of Zellians from the ground up! Relax and have fun while you organize your city and bring the kingdom to a new era of happiness in this detailed and delightful Strategy game.
  • Unique gameplay
  • Cute characters
  • Help the Zellians!

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