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The Fantasy Art of Zeus: Master of Olympus and the Poseidon expansion - Sanctuaries to the Gods

Zeus: Master of Olympus is a real-time city-building strategy game set in a mythical Greece and across various mythological periods. The fantasy artwork is cartoony but captures the essence of the mythos very nicely. The Poseidon expansion adds mythical science-themed Atlantis, a new set of fantasy artwork for most buildings, new gods, and new sanctuaries/temples. This Zeus and Poseidon fantasy game art page shows the various sanctuaries/temples that may be erected to the Gods. The game has a limited window size, and the larger sanctuaries cannot entirely fit into the window. The smaller window is a legacy of smaller lower-resolution monitors and weaker computing power and video cards at the time this game was released.

The Fantasy Art of Zeus and Poseidon

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