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  • This website was built with the help and support of the SBI Community. A listing of other SBI sites can be found at this human-edited directory.

  • Mentoring was generously provided by Linda Hughes, the IEmpowerU Internet Entrepreneur.

  • Be Your Art is a community and resource which merges business and art, so artists can live their art.

  • Christine and Ethan Rose are award-winning authors of Rowan of the Wood and Witch on the Water.

  • Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews is a respected blog whose author interviews a fantasy artist approximately once a week.

  • Fantasy Art Fanatics is a fan's art site run by a fantasy art lover who is careful to choose only the best fantasy artists, and offers a selection of high-quality art scans and links to the artists' official sites.

  • FastStone offers a suite of Freeware or Shareware programs for Windows, including the 5-star rated Image Viewer that has no adware, has no spyware, and is free for home users.

  • Taking Better Pictures: Screenshot Tips for Non-Techies discusses file formats and what can help if your computer is slow.

  • Comprehensive tips on printing are offered by Canon, Epson, and Hewlett-Packard.
    Bair Art Editions also offers additional tips, including how to choose inkjet paper.

  • A Movie Nut with life experiences in Screenwriting, Movie Financing, Movie Production, Movie Distribution and yes even Acting.

  • Maybe you are a complete newcomer to Novel Writing. Or maybe you have had a few chapters sitting at the back of a drawer for years and don't know what to do with them. Whatever your situation, Novel Writing Help is packed with all the expert help and advice you need to Plan, Write, and Sell your Novel.

  • Storm The Castle is an eclectic site filled with fantasy-ish projects, such as how to brew your own mead. Don't want to buy models of building and terrain to run combat? There are projects showing you how to build dioramas or make a paper model of a castle.

  • Write Any Genre is a great place to start if you have aspirations of writing, but are not sure how to get started or what your niche will be. The published writer behind this site walks you through by analyzing numerous examples of articles, stories, novels, letters, poetry, instructional and promotional material, business writing, and more. "It's how to write in any genre, and why, made easy to understand."

  • Learn to trust the story that never goes away: Thoughts on writing, being and interfacing with the page. Learn to trust and write the novel that calls to you--Write a Novel from Within

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