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Rainforest Games (for Kids!)

More Rain Forest, Environment, and Animal Games for Kids

This special page is for my dear friend Linda Hughes and her promotional campaign for TreeBanking and saving our rain forests. I feel that one approach to saving the rain forest starts with inspiring an interest in the next generation -- our children. Hopefully, once their curiosity is piqued, their interest will lead to an awareness of, more education on, and an appreciation for, our rain forests. Here are some rain forest-related games FREE to play on the internet, mostly for very young children.


Travel across the continents in the exciting and challenging puzzle adventure, EcoRescue: Project Rainforest! Join the eco-team as they work to rescue our threatened planet; uncovering hidden secrets of the earth and encountering strange and beautiful creatures along the way. You will discover countless wonders in the complex majesty of Earth's rainforests and in this threatened environment, one person can make a difference. So pack your bags, grab your gear and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Travel the globe!
  • Interact with exotic animals!
  • Exhilarating sound effects and music!
  • Try before you buy! Big Fish Games offers it FREE for one hour -- Check it out before introducing it to your children, or to let them see if they might like it.

When a beautiful and distant land is overrun, the peace that had prevailed for ages is shattered. Now, to restore this once idyllic land to its former glory, you`ll need to subdivide into various little nature spirits called Boonkas and work to heal the flora and trees destroyed by the dark and powerful Skours. With powerful bonuses, 3 unique game modes, and truly addictive gameplay, Boonka has something for everyone!
  • Various game modes
  • Cute characters
  • Level-changing power-ups
Boonka is a fun, fast-paced game where magical creatures revive forests that have been destroyed--It's a fun way to introduce young children to the basic idea of reforestation!
And incidentally, reforesting trees is exactly what TreeBanking does.

Diego's Rain Forest Adventure Go Diego Go! Rain Forest Adventure is an arcade side-scroller that has Diego searching the rain forest for animals to capture in photography.

Other Go Diego Go! games with a nature-theme include African Off-Road Rescue and Dino Flyer Rescue.
Each of the game pages include a Parent Tip, either to help your child with the game controls initially (remember that these games are for very young children), or how to follow up the game with a relevant educational activity.

British Council rain forest game The British Council has a considerable games-for-kids section. If you are looking for something on a particular theme (such as the rain forest, animals, or the environment, to name a few), the Play and Learn area is your best bet. The games here are aimed more directly at knowing and quizzing knowledge than exciting interactivity, however.

Zoo Vet is the great game that introduces players to life at the zoo and gives them the ability to care for a diverse group of animals while interacting with entertaining characters. Travel around the zoo, performing check-ups on cuddly otters, dangerous lions, wobbly penguins, and hyper zebras. The more successful and knowledgeable you are, the more awards and praise you'll earn from team members. Download today and rise in ranks to become the zoo's most valuable vet!
  • Learn amazing facts about animals.
  • Download gorgeous screensavers.
  • Performing check-ups zoo animals.
  • Save more animals in Zoo Vet 2: Endangered Animals.
If your child is more interested in animals, Zoo Vet and Zoo Vet 2: Endangered Animals offer an interesting experience for someone who might want to work with animals, possibly as a veterinarian. The games feature amazing animal facts and realistic medical tools. A portion of every purchase of Zoo Vet 2: Endangered Animals is donated to help save endangered animals.

Try before you buy: Visit Big Fish Games to download FREE play-for-one-hour demos of these games. Big Fish Games offers hundreds of interesting games for casual gamers at affordable prices made even more attractive by offers such as the one below:


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